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Food made with enthusiasm for those who share that passion.

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Break Fast Menu
Lunch Menu
High Tea Menu
Dinner Menu
Custom Menu
Trichy catering

Break Fast Menu

Trichy Catering Service offers best breakfast menu that is available for all parties and wedding; we also assist customers to create a personalized menu just according to client’s taste and perfect for the occasion ..read more
Trichy catering

Lunch Menu

Trichy Catering Service offers tasty lunch menus for various gatherings and celebrations; we also allow clients to develop a customized menu based on preferences, budget, and price range that are affordable...read more
Trichy catering

High Tea Menu

Trichy Catering Service gives evening tea and snacks menu is available for all functions; we also help customers to create a personalized menu just according to client’s taste and perfect for the occasion ..read more
Trichy catering

Dinner Menu

Trichy Catering Service present a detailed dinner menu which is available for all parties, wedding and reception; we also aid customers to create a personalized and special menu just according to the taste and budget. ..read more
Trichy catering

Custom Menu

Trichy Catering is offering a wide range of vegetarian and non vegetarian menus, also includes chinese varieties of noodles, fried rice, gravy etc... we also assist customers to create a personalized and special menu just according to the taste, budget and perfect for the occasion ..read more

How It Works


The Ability to Choose the Best

The best food, the best service, attention to detail, and any extra arrangements you have ordered for your special event.


Workforce with a Specialized Function

We also have skilled chefs on staff who can prepare a various varieties based on our customer’s preferences.


Service with a Long Tradition

We are feeling the effects of a long tradition of exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Us

We are a divine brand that specializes in providing specialized Food Catering services. Our foods are well-prepared. Customers praised the taste, nutritional value, and affordability of the food.

Quality Food Items

We provide the food with good nutrition and its quality or flavour.

Professional Chefs

Food items are the most important aspect of any occasion or gathering, and you can have tasty food just by hiring a professional chef.


A greater part of the food supplier provides cooking packages adapted to your budgets.


We are dedicated to delivering great catering services to our clients.

Delivery On Time

One of the most important aspects of a Caterer-Customer relationship is the timely delivery of ordered food.

Event Planning

Whatever the occasion, our specialized catering team is ready to assist you in making your event a success.

Our Special Packages

Do you have

Trichy Catering offers high-quality catering services in both traditional and contemporary menus. Our services are based on your suggestions and preferences. To keep our consumers happy, we constantly develop new dishes and flavours. As a result, we provide a customized service to add variety to your special occasions. We can help you plan your special event in a stylish and organized manner.

It will show you how adaptable your caterer is and whether or not they are open to fresh ideas. If you're willing to get a little creative and try out new cuisine ideas, here's a list of suggestions from our menu.
Yes, we have a lot of catering experience! Our team has worked with various event planners, caterers, and other businesses. We like creating delectable and entertaining menus. Our expert chefs and caterers have years of expertise putting together fantastic group events.
Our main goal is to serve our customers healthy, nutritionally sound, delicious, and varied foods.
We have catered to many weddings, large and small corporate events, private parties, and other occasions. In addition to catering, we provide a chamber of commerce events to our customers.
Add some delicious desserts to the menu to make your special day sweeter and more memorable. Make sure to inquire about dessert alternatives with your caterer.

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