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butter naan

Our Trichy catering service offers Tandoori meals. Tandoor is a heated pit oven filled with water, dough, and herbs and ignited with a charcoal starter in the center. The meal is then put into a tandoor and grilled over a charcoal fire.

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White or wheat flour is used to make Roti. Our chef prepares thin, soft, and flexible flatbreads with this roti recipe, made with white or wheat flour. Fats such as oil or ghee are employed as an option. Our chefs prefer using oil or ghee in the dough since it softens the flatbreads. We at Trichy Catering Services serve Roti.



This naan recipe is great in terms of softness and chewiness and flavor. Naan is a leavened dough Indian flatbread. Our talented chef made the flat naan dish on a Tawa with all-purpose flour. The most delicious Our Trichy catering services serve the most delicious Naan.

Butter Naan

Butter naan is a soft and delectable flatbread commonly served at buffets during festivals and other special events. Naan is a delicious Indian bread topped with melted butter.Our talented chef will make butter naan with savory curry preparations. The most delectable Butter Naan in Trichy is driven by our catering services.

butter naan
garlic naan

Garlic Naan

A leavened Indian flatbread made with wheat flour and garlic is garlic naan. Light and soft, with a strong garlic flavor, delicious garlic naan. Because fragrant garlic and celery work well together, our experienced chef prepares this Naan with them. The most delicious Garlic Naan is served by our catering services in Trichy.


The soft flat Indian bread phulka is made using wheat flour. Phulka is the most popular Indian meal, and everyone enjoys it. When roasted on a griddle, a Tawa, or directly over a low flame, it's a phulka made with wheat flour in the form of flatbread that's very soft and puffed up. In addition to being delicious, these phulkas are quite nutritious. Our Trichy catering services serve the best Phulka.



Black sesame seeds are used in this kulcha recipe, generally made with all-purpose flour. Our skilled chef's kulcha is a delectable stuffed leavened flatbread laden with various vegetables. Smooth and fluffy kulcha is common. Our catering services provide Trichy's most delectable kulcha.


Chapati is available from our Trichy catering service. This simple Indian bread, cooked by our professional chef with the goodness of whole wheat flour, water, salt, and ghee, works well with everything. For flavor and softness, the chapati dough is combined with generous oil.

rumali roti

Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti is available from our Trichy catering service. Rumali Roti is a popular flatbread in India that works well with any dish. Our caterer uses all-purpose flour, milk, and salt in this recipe. Rumali Roti is ideally served with thick, creamy gravies with a strong flavor.


Badura is a dish offered by our Trichy catering service. Badura is an Indian subcontinent-style fluffy deep-fried leavened sourdough dish. The flavor of Badura made with fermented dough is subtle and distinct. It's frequently offered as a lunch or breakfast dish.